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       Welcome to Aberystwyth's Sub Aqua Club

   named in Welsh after the legendary sunken city

Cantre'r Gwaelod


Try Dives  


Cantre'r Gwaelod is keen to offer newcomers a chance to experience the joys of scuba diving at first hand. 


The club does this via BSAC's 'Try Dive' programme where you can come along, receive proper instruction then try out a dive for yourself for real using the clubs equipment and under proper supervision. 


Every year the club offers the chance for newcomers to come and have a Try Dive in the safety of a local swimming pool and, if it's to their liking, the opportunity to continue further with the sport.


Try Dives normally take place in October to December but other dates may be available during the year dependent on the availability of qualified instructors and pool time.


If you are interested why not email and we can explain some more and answer any queries you may have.











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